Teach you how to choose a steamer

Time:2020-08-15 09:17:22

The kitchen is the place where delicious food is cooked, and in the eyes of us Chinese, it is the place that feels most "home". Most hostesses are most concerned about the hygiene of the kitchen...and the choice of kitchenware. Some people may be very particular about the cooking taste of food, such as heat and the temperature control of the pot itself. Especially when cooking some ingredients, we will have high requirements for softness. So having a good pot is very important!

     When choosing an aluminum pot, make sure that the body of the pot is straight and round. The bottom, lid, and inside and outside of the pot are white and shiny, and there are no dark spots, black spots or cracks. Colleagues should check the structure of the accessories, such as rivets, etc., whether they are firm or damaged. .

     The inner diameter of the aluminum pot and the lid should be tightly fitted properly, and the error of the inner diameter is between ±0.7-0.5mm. The handle of the pot must be firmly riveted. Fill the pot with a homogeneous substance that weighs twice the water capacity of the pot, and lift it up 10 times at a speed of 1m in 1 second. The handle is not deformed or loosened. Bakelite fittings should be strong. Put the fittings in water, cook for 15 minutes and take them out. Use cold water to quickly cool to room temperature. If there are no cracks and bubbles, it is qualified.

    The dirt on the surface of the pot should not be wiped with sandpaper, let alone washed with concentrated alkaline water, it is better to wipe it with soapy water.

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